Why soft skills matter for a developer ?

As developers we often find ourselves focused on how to learn that new programming language or that new cool JS framework that just got out. Of course working on hard skills is very important to our careers but from my experience I think soft skills are as important as hard skills if you want to level up.

The classic developer stereotype is the guy that always stays in his corner, focused on his computer doing nerdy things. That is the exact opposite of the reality because developers most of the time work in Agile teams where communication and team spirit is necessary.

We are also more implicated in the process of product design and have frequent contact with other people such as designers, customers or stakeholders. Thus it’s very important for us to know how to interact with others in a very clear and understandable manner.

Software development is also an area where you can create your own products. I met a lot of developers that were very good at what they were doing and had great ideas about innovative products but that often find themselves unable to expose them clearly to other people.

The truth is that customers or investors don’t care about how you did that for loop or why you declared that variable so it’s very important for us to know how to sell and promote our work, how to be sociable and only working on our soft skills will help us to achieve that.

As far as I’m concerned I recommend you to start working on specific things like public speaking, assertive communication and active listening. Bookslike Public Speaking Skills For Dummies by Alyson Connolly or Messages: The Communications Skills Book helped me a lot on my journey to developing my soft skills as a developer.

With that said, I hope you’ll start working on your soft skills because it’s really a key thing if you want to have a successful and brilliant career.

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